I Support Tyrann Mathieu

I am a huge college football fan, but I’m always a Mom first.

Less than a month before the season starts, #1 ranked LSU announced one of it’s marquee players, Tyrann Mathieu has been dismissed from the team for violating team rules.

It’s definitely a huge loss for the LSU football program.

He was a Heisman Trophy finalist, 2011 SEC MVP, and the nation’s top defensive player in 2011.

Basically despite his small size, he kicked ASS!

In 26 games, the 5’8 Cornerback had 133 total tackles, 16.0 tackles for loss and four interceptions. He also forced 11 fumbles, which ranks first in LSU history and seventh in NCAA history.

Tyrann was one of the most marketable college football players. He was nicknamed the “Honey Badger“.

His undeniable SWAG, childish smile, blonde mohawk, and amazing playmaker skills on the field easily made him a fan and media favorite.

He did a great job branding himself. With over 145K Twitter followers he often addressed his critics and gracefully appreciated his supporters.

He was on the cover of magazines, had tshirts galore with his Honey Badger moniker, and the #1 best selling NCAA college football jersey last season.

He was a top Heisman contender this year to lead #1 ranked LSU towards another BCS Title bid.

But he messed up. He broke the rules, and is paying the price.

My initial thoughts are as a mom.

I’m not worried about the LSU Football program.

LSU is a football empire that breeds champions. Although Tyrann is irreplaceable, they don’t call us DBU for nothing. The LSU football talent is deep.

I’m worried about a young man that may be lacking guidance in his life as well as decision making skills.

He has a tough road ahead and it will take something bigger than football to get him through this.

I hope he has a good support system around him to help rise above this obstacle. If getting kicked off a football team saves his life and future, then consider it a blessing.

It’s no surprise that Mo’s fave college player is the Honey Badger. I even took him to the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta for him to see Tyrann play up close. I used this situation to teach Mo a life lesson: No matter how good you are, you have to adhere to the rules.

We have to remember athletes are human. Tyrann is 20 year old college Junior facing a huge crossroad.

Fans love and praise you when you’re winning, but Moms and people who love you support you throughout.

Stay strong and focused young Tiger.

From adversity grows character. May you have the same heart and strength of a champion OFF the field that you did ON the field for LSU.

**Update** It has been reported that Tyrann has been at The Right Step drug rehab facility in Houston. His family is supporting him. He is being mentored by former NBA star and coach John Lucas, who battled a cocaine and alcohol addiction in his younger days.

Tyrann’s family member said he will not attend classes or play football this season.

So glad Tyrann is focusing on healing himself. Football will be there.

**Update** After sitting out a year of football, Tyrann had another run in with drugs. He has since turned his life around under the tutelage of former teammate and NFL Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson. He has been training mentally and physically to turn his life around. He plans to prove himself at the NFL Combine despite not playing college football for a year.

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