Do The Right Thing

When I was a little girl I found a backpack full of candy.

My guess was it was the property of a juvenile entrepreneur- selling candy for some extra money.

My gut said to turn it in.

I ate it all.

Come on…Chick-O Stix, Lemonheads, Snickers, Sugar Babies, Jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers…all my faves!

As Karma would have it, I prolly got a cavity or 2 from it.

Fast forward many years, Mo finds a cell phone outside our house.

My immediate response was to return it to the rightful owner. After some pleading from Mo (another adult who shall remain nameless, told him he could keep it) he agreed to track down the owner.

I think the selling point was when I told him what a headache it would be if I ever lost my phone. I told him how appreciative I’d be if someone found it and returned it.

Plus, it’s just the right thing to do. Why would we keep something that blatantly isn’t ours?

I tried to put myself in an 8 year old’s shoes, excited to have a grown up cell phone. However, it didn’t take too much convincing. He realized I was firm on my position and how important it was to do the right thing.

The owner was tracked down after reading the text messages and seeing quite a few to “Dad”.

A drop spot was arranged for her to retrieve her phone. She was very thankful and impressed an 8 year old found and returned her high tech device.

In addition to numerous thank-yous, she left a nice note, $40 cash, and a coupon for free ice cream for Mo.

Mo couldn’t believe it!

This was waaaay better than a cell phone!

These reward items helped to reinforce the whole do the right thing philosophy.

I think the biggest lesson though, is thank goodness he found a phone and not a backpack of candy. Not sure we’d have the same outcome.

Ohkaaaay, just kidding! Geez.

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