Mo Has A Cast

I never broke any bones or had serious injuries as a child.

Well, there was that one time I tried to do a backwards Olympic dive at the pool and busted my chin open, but that was about it.

Sooo, when Mo tore 2 ligaments in his ankle and had to get a cast, it really crippled me emotionally.

As soon as I saw him in a cast, I cried.

To my defense, I was on my period and a little extra emotional. Lol

It’s just something about seeing your child hurt. Well, that and the fact that we had to cancel summer plans including soccer camp and a San Diego beach and Legoland vacay.

Which means for the 2nd half of Summer, we’re pretty much confined to the house.

*cue violin*

Mo’s ortho instructed “No running, no jumping, no crazy business”.

This pretty much destroyed 98% of Mo’s livelihood.

His ankle injury came from playing soccer. His first concern was will he play again. Mo’s grown up BFF reminded him that his fave soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo also had an ankle injury.

Ronaldo missed the entire 2000-2001 soccer season after 2 operations. Upon his return to soccer he had the best 4 years of his career from 2002-2006 winning a World Cup Title, World Player of the Year, and record breaking jersey sales.

To an athlete, an injury can either crush him or make him stronger.

Hopefully the 6-12 weeks Mo will spend in a cast will help build character and heart.

I’m sure it’s not easy for an 8 year old to watch all his friends run around playing all his favorite sports while he’s sidelined.

But hey, one day this injury will help build his sports street cred.

Keep your head up Money Mo.

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