Me And Vanessa Bryant Dress Our Kids Alike

People give me a hard time because I dress my boys alike.

Sometimes I do it on purpose, sometimes, it’s subconsciously. Sometimes, I even get in on the action. #Triplets

My boys are 4 years apart. Mo is 8, B is 4.

I don’t know why I do it.

I’ve always thought dressing twins alike was corny, I mean c’mon, that’s so predictbale. Lol

But who would dress their kids alike who are a few years apart??? Aha!!! *lightbulb*

Apparently, not just me.

Yes, it’s popular in the South, since I hail from Atlanta, perhaps my matchy match coordinating fascination started when I was a teeager:

Who knows, but I found another LA mom who’s into the twinsie thing too.

Yes people, I am looking for validation here.

Vanessa Bryant, wife of LA  Laker Kobe Bryant shares the same matching fashion excitement as me.

The Mini Mambas are 3 years apart Natalia Diamante, age 9 and Gianna Maria-Onore, age 6.

Here’s to #TeamTwinsie:

Mo and B:

Nat and Gia:

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