B Sleeps In A Big Boy Bed

So, I’ve talked about how B was 3 years old and sleeping in a crib.

I talked about how B was 4 years old and sleeping in his crib.

I am now reporting that he is happily sleeping in a “regular” bed now.

The transition came shortly after his 4th birthday. We had been talking about it a little bit, and he has had the bed in his room along with the crib since he was 2 years old.

However, given the choice he always chose sleeping in his crib.

He slept all night from 12-15 hours in there, with no problem, so I figured, why not?.

He is an independent, happy, thriving child so his growth and development did not seem hindered by crib sleeping.

Plus, he willingly and timely went to bed every night thus giving me plenty of headache free spare time at night to tweet & Facebook!

One day, he just decided he was ready. He packed all his stuffed animals (Goot Gooks as he calls them) into the bed and went to sleep with a smile on.

I gave him a couple of rules:

1. Don’t get out of bed.

2. Don’t call mommy mommy in the middle of the night, go back to sleep.

3. I’ll come in your room in the morning when it’s time to wake up.

It worked like a charm!!!

I feel like because I waited til he was emotionally and cognitively ready to sleep in his bed, the transition was easy.

I’ve heard horror stories of how parents put their kids in a bed and the kid wakes up a zillion times, roams around the house, climbs into mommy’s bed…OH NO, that doesn’t sound fun.

This just reminds me that different things works for different people. Kids go through stages and eventually they all end up at the same place.  At 4 years old, he is sleeping in a bed like other 4 year olds. Did anyone get a prize for doing it at 2? Nope.

So glad I waited, it worked for me and my family.

Now, if I can just get his big butt to quit riding in the buggy!

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