My 4 Year Old Sleeps In A Crib

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about how 3 year old B still sleeps in a crib.

It was inspired by numerous critics moms who were jealous appalled at the fact my 3 year old still slept soundly in his crib.

Hmm…fast forward a year, and guess what…BRONSON IS STILL SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB!

It’s not like I’m punishing him or something, he WANTS to sleep in there. He has a bed in his room also, but given the choice, he pleads and insists on getting in his beloved crib.

Of course there are always those moms that feel they know what’s right for everyone else’s child and feel the need to criticize someone else’s household.

To those moms, I kindly say TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN DAYUM KIDS B is independent, healthy, intelligent, kind, patient and a great listener. So sleeping in a crib has not hindered his mental abilities.

The most common question I get is, “Doesn’t he climb out?”.

No, he doesn’t climb out. B is an amazing sleeper. He sleeps straight through the night going down at 7:30PM and 95% of the time, I go into his room in the morning and wake him up.

Growing up, my kids didn’t Β play in their room. They had books, but I never put toys in there because I wanted to encourage play in a family setting. I wanted them to associate their room with a quiet relaxing place, for getting dressed or sleeping.

Maybe it worked. As soon as B steps foot in his room he knows it Nighty Night time!

He goes down without a fuss, never wakes up during the night, and wakes up happy. Which also means I get free time, sleep, and wake up happy too πŸ™‚

But now, I’m really starting to think I should take out the crib and transition him into the bed.

I mean he’s so big now he can practically lift his crib w/1 hand and toss it to the next room.

Dude is huge.

Researchers have always said the crib is the safest place for a child, and I’d love for him to sleep in his bed.

I guess I could have worse problems. He could be a spoiled whiney brat. lol If my biggest problem is that my child is content, thriving and comfortable in his crib, then I’m good.

With his 4th Birthday party this weekend, I’m considering taking him to the store and having him pick out a “special pillow” to use on his new bed.

Maybe that will be a lil incentive for him to move to the bed and ditch the crib.

We’ll see. Maybe we’ll be back here in a year talking about how my 5 year old still sleeps in a crib.

Ok, not really.

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