Mo Wants A Pet

Mo’s class has been discussing animals, which eventually led to his classmates talking about their pets.

So and so has 2 cats, Billy’s mom rescues dogs, Sally has a pet Cheetah??? Umm…ok.

No surprise that Mo  now wants a pet. Oh gee, thanks school!

We had a dog years ago, Mo was just a toddler. He doesn’t remember much about our sweet Buster, only stories I share about him and pictures. He asks a lot of questions though.

I guess wanting a pet is a normal stage of childhood. I’ll be glad when this stage is over and we’re back to Bey Blades.

The fact that he walked by a pet store last week with my mom doesn’t help. Apparently he got some sales pitch about how he can get a tank with some lizards and “everything he needs to get started”. I swear Mo sounds like an infomercial every time he tells me.

So….he’s asked for a cheetah, dog, lizard, gekko, hamster…after those were shot down he said he’d settle for “a boring fish”.

Then he played the ole “I can’t have a pet bc you’re a girl and you don’t like reptiles” card.

Ok, that one might be true. Have you seen those creepy lizards w/spots on them??? No way is that coming into my house.

He’s even offered to pay for it with his birthday money.

Mo better grab one of B’s stuffed animals and call it a day.

I explained to him taking care of a pet is a big responsibility that I have zero desire to participate in so it will be 100% his responsibility.

Then I asked how he was gonna take care of a pet when I still have to remind him to get dressed, brush his teeth, do his homework, make his bed etc…

That seemed to have silenced him momentarily. One point for Mom!

He goes deep into thought then replies, “Ok, if I can’t have a pet, can I have a baby sister?”

WHOA! Checkmate Mo…

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