Lakers’ Steve Blake And Family Threatened

In Game 2 of the Lakers NBA playoff series versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, point guard Steve Blake missed a 3 pointer than may have won the game for the Lakers.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers lost 77-75.

It’s just a game, so maybe the Lakers will win Game 3, right?

Not to some Lakers fans.

Shortly after the loss, a handful of angry Lakers fan threatened Steve and Kristen Blake via Twitter.

“I hope your family gets murdered,” said one tweet to Blake.

It’s one thing to be a passionate fan, but this is just downright ignorant.

Steve said he didn’t see the tweets, but was informed by his wife.

“It’s pretty disappointing that there’s a lot of hateful people out there,” Blake said. “You move on. I just don’t appreciate it when it’s toward my family. You can come at me all you want. But when you say things about my wife and my kids, it makes me upset.”

After reading the threats, his wife, Kristen tweeted:

“I am deeply grateful & humbled by the outpouring of love, support, & most of all prayers for our family in light of recent events-THANK YOU!”

And another tweet:

 “Everyone keeps asking if I’m ok-yes of course I am! 😉 If God is for me — whom than shall I fear?”

Twitter and other social media outlets make internet thugging too easy. These keyboard cowards are getting so out of hand.

There was a similar incident in the NFC Championship Game between the NY Giants and San Francisco 49ers. Kyle Williams fumbled 2 punt returns and received death threats on Twitter.

I hope this isn’t a trend. It really needs to stop.

These cyber bullies need to get a life be accountable for careless Twitter threats just as they would if they verbally threatened someone.

Don’t REAL fans support their team regardless?

If you’re issuing threats to an athlete because of something that happened in a game, you’re not a fan, you’re an idiot.

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