Breastfeeding Mom On Time Magazine Cover

Sooo…I try to keep you guys a breast of parenting things.

It seems as if the May 21 Time Magazine cover is the talk of the town.

So, let’s just nip this in the bud.

The cover features  26-year-old California mom,Jamie Lynne Grumet, breastfeeding her son, who turns 4 years old next month.

Inside the issue, there are similar images of 3 other moms who practice attachment parenting.

This magazine issue is like Fifty Shades of Grey for men.

Author, Dr. Sears discusses his theory on attachment parenting which include: baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

Everyone has their own theories on this and I would never say what’s right or wrong for another mother. No one knows what works for you, your lifestyle, and your children like you.

I nursed both of my sons for a year as well as carried them both in a sling. Ok, the co-sleeping, I couldn’t get with. The only males I’d even consider to be near my bed need to be over 30.

But hey, it works for many people. Just not my thing.

I’m not here to judge.

So take this magazine and advice of Dr. Sears like anything else…if it works for you, then do it, and don’t worry about what others think.

There’s no right or wrong with parenting, but it’s great to be educated on your options.

I will say, Jamie Lynn’s slim physique is a glowing endorsement for breastfeeding though. Take that Enfamil!


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