B Got Punched In The Mouth

As a parent, there is nothing more frightening than your child being hurt.

I expect bullying, name calling, your mama jokes when my kids are in middle school, but seeing them deal with getting hit at 3 years old, makes it hard for me to channel my inner peace.

B is a sweet 3 year old boy who loves big trucks, food, and doing art projects.

Ok, that sounds like an eHarmony profile…

The point is, B is a sweet boy. The Golden Child. Won’t hurt a fly.

So when he got punched in the mouth by another kid, I was ready to fight crushed. My 1st thought was did he hit back is he ok?

Supposedly B had a truck another kid wanted, the kid tried to take it, B wouldn’t budge, so the other kid hit B in the mouth. OUCH!

My B just stood there and cried. 🙁

Here was our convo after the madness:

Me: B, what happened?

B: Lil Johnny punsched me.

Me: Did you punsch him back?

B: No, I just wanted to hold my truck.

Me: If someone hurts your body you can hit them back.

B: I don’t wanna fight mommy, I just wanna play.

Ok, so I have a lil Ghandi on my hands.

How do I deal with this?

I remember my wild and crazy Mo went thru the same thing. His 1st year of preschool, he was tiny, shy, very attached to me, and quiet. Mo got picked on and bullied and never fought back.

Then his 2nd year of preschool, something happened. He started coming out of his shell and became confident and CRAZY!

It was like he was pre-meditating his revenge!

For the next year, Lil Charles Bronson Mo made the lives of the kids who bullied him HELL! I constantly got into it with their moms.

Funny how the tables turned and the moms of the same kids who tortured my Mo for a year and said NOTHING, were horrified that Lil Mo was now fighting back and whupping their sons ass!

I wonder if this will be the case with B.

So, just as my mind is easing up worrying about B, I get this phone call:

“Nora, please come to school ASAP. B is hurt and we can’t stop the bleeding.”

My heart sinks!

I rush to get B and discover after 2 bloody tshirts, the bleeding has subsided.

B is quietly playing at a table. I notice a big knot on his forehead as well as blood on his shorts and shoes. My heart aches for him but I put on a smile.

He cheers up when he notices I’m wearing a Mater tshirt.

I’m informed that B was running with some friends and fell face 1st without putting his hands down.

B says Lil Johnny was chasing him and pushed him down.

Ugh. What’s a mom to do?

What’s worse…your kid being a bully or your child getting bullied?

I want B to stand up for himself and I think that will come with time and maturity.

On one hand I’m glad he has a gentle heart and isn’t throwing bows on the play yard at 3 years old. But, it really hurts to see your child go through this.

Will his inner Tyson emerge?

Should he be in karate and packing heat?

Should I buy B some brass knuckles? Nunchucks?

Does my Cocker Spaniel have a Pitbull side?

Are these incidents shaping his personality?

Will he remember this when he gets older?

Has anyone experienced this with their child? I need some help/advice/validation…

Any pointers?

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