Man Fathers 82 Children

*ATTENTION* All Players report to Germany.

42 year old Ed Houben is about to school you.

Ed was a Virgin til age 34, but now he is finding a way to give back to mankind.

He is donating his sperm for free.

That’s right, he is giving women and couples a chance to have a baby without the high costs of fertility and sperm banks.

He currently is responsible for fathering 82 kids, plus 10 on the way.

He says he has a 80% success rate.

Oh yeah, he has sex with the women to get them pregnant.

Oh, and he has conditions for his services.

The women should be educated and healthy. No drugs or HIV. No hepatitis B and C, no syphilis, no gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted diseases. No diseases caused by bacteria, such as chlamydia. A medical report is necessary for the deed to happen.

I know a lot of men who would run with this one. I’m guessing it’s a cultural thing or something overseas. He has children in Berlin, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain.

I’m guessing he’s doing a legit service and not just using this as an excuse to bone women. He finds his clients on German website SpermaSpenda, a sperm donation network.

There have been no lawsuits against Don Juan Ed for child support, so it seems that both parties are in agreement.

I know conception can be a very big issue for many women, so whatever works for everyone.

Who knows if Ed’s sperm donor philosophy will catch on in the US. Until then, Ed says he doesn’t accept money from the would be mommies, except for travel reimbursement.


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