Kid Free Flying Zone

Flying with small kids can be challenging.

I will never forget my 1st flight with the boys.

The 4 hour flight felt like 20.

Sometimes, despite all the mommy tricks for flying, kids just have their own flight agenda.

We’ve all been on a flight with a screaming baby, toddler throwing food, and the kid who loves to kick the back of your seat (hello Mo).

But hey…it happens.

After traveling with my kids, I empathize so much with parents traveling with children.

It’s hard enough on them, so I always offer a warm smile or say hello the little ones.

Karma, people!

Malaysia Airlines is taking steps to offer Kid Free Flying Zones on some of their flights.

Their first Kid Free Flying Zone will be onboard an  Airbus A380-800.

On July 1, the flight from Kuala Lumpur–London , families with children won’t be welcome in the airplane’s upper deck, which will have 70 economy and 66 business class seats.

Instead, those passengers will be asked to book in the 350-seat economy class zone on the main deck, which the airline has designated as its child-friendly zone.

I like how they call it “Child-Friendly Zone”. They might as well call it The Zoo!!! lol

Some perks of the Zoo child friendly zone are extra family-friendly facilities, including eight toilets for the lower-deck economy section and a dual aerobridge that offers “speedier/faster embarkation and disembarkation for this group of passengers.”

Along with the new Airbus A380-800s, Malaysia Airlines has already reconfigured the first class cabins on the airline’s Boeing 747s to no longer accommodate bassinets, effectively making that section baby-free. Bassinets, however, are available in business or economy class.

WTH….bassinets accomodations??? Clearly I haven’t flown International in a while.

There are gonna be complainers who call this discrimination, but you can’t make everyone happy.

If I fly with my kids I would send them to The Zoo with my sister while I chill up top with the grown ups feel more comfy being around other kids. Prolly more fun for them also.

Then you can have all the stiffs who give parents dirty looks in their own area as well.

Curious to see if this becomes a flight trend. Asia is always on the cutting edge of new stuff, so stay tuned.

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