Calling All Underdogs…

I like to cheer for the underdog.

-The small school over the highly successful large university

-A Veteran athlete trying to make a comeback

-A hometown hero who overcame the odds

-The little guy over the big lunch money bully…

Lately, I’ve realized that I have a lot of people cheering for me.

Somehow, I’ve amassed a great circle of friends.

Maybe they’re always been there, and I just didn’t know it.

But, I’m not just talking about people close to me.

I’m talking about total strangers, parents from school I’m not really familiar with, the grocery store employees I see regularly…

Then it hits me, at some point in my life, I went from being the Top Dog…to the Underdog.

Wait, what???

When did that happen?

Is this because of the whole divorceSingle Mom thing?

I guess it could be a few things.

No matter what it is, I don’t feel like an Underdog.

Everything I’ve been through has made me stronger. Wiser. A better person and mom.

I’m starting to feel like a Lifetime movie. lol

I guess the lesson of this is that throughout life, you’ll be Top Dog and Little Dog. So, no matter where you are, always remember the other person and be the best you!

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