Jessica Alba Introduces Honest.Com

Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe nominee, mommy, wife, and now businesswoman.

The 30 year old beauty graces the cover of the April Parenting Magazine with her 2 girls, Honor Marie (3.5 years) and Haven Garner (7 months).

Motherhood has inspired her to venture into business.

She has recently launched wants to steer parents away from baby products made with toxic chemicals, offering a line of natural soaps, diapers, wipes, household cleaners and other must-haves for new parents.

The products are sold online and available via a monthly subscription.

You sign up on the site and answer basic questions like your child’s weight, age.

There are some weird questions like  what style represents your home decor and if you had a million dollars what charity would you support (environment, health, poverty, religious).

They have some really cute diaper patterns though in addition to plain white.

You can sign up for a free trial offer.

I got annoyed with the site because I didn’t see anything that showed the prices. It just kept saying how you’re billed monthly, blah blah blah.

I wanna know flat out what something costs.

Anyway, they do a great job telling you the ingredients of everything, but again NO PRICES.

Even to get a free trial of something, you have to go thru the whole signup process, which makes me nervous. I don’t like feeling like I’m getting sucked in or tied into something.

I’m not with that signing up for monthly stuff. Last time I did that I ended up with a whole collection of Encyclopedias, CDs, and books. Took me forever to unsubscribe to that crap.

But hey, there’s gotta be something good brewing with

Alba’s online retail company has  secured over $27 million in funding to grow the baby products space online.

The investors have quite a portfolio,  including ShoeDazzle, LivingSocialTwitterZyngaand Netflix.

Best of luck to Jessica Alba for raising the standards in baby care.

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