Texting Kills

I consider myself a law abiding citizen.

However, the one law I am guilty of challenging is texting in my car.

According to California law, The new Wireless Communications Device Law (effective January 1, 2009) makes it an infraction to write, send, or read text-based communication on an electronic wireless communications device, such as a cell phone, while driving a motor vehicle.  

Why oh why is it so hard to follow this?

OMG…what is it about texting and checking the smartphone that we just ignore the law and feel the need to keep doing it?

Even Mo has reminded me in the car, “Mom, put your phone down! Don’t text in the car.”

That alone has minimized my phone utilization in the car.

Emy Brochu, 20, was killed on January 18 when her car plunged into the back of a tractor-trailer as it merged with traffic near Victoriaville, Quebec on January 18.

She was having a text convo with her boyfriend Mathieu Forti.

He has set up a Facebook page in memory of his girlfriend to warn others of the dangers of using a cell while driving.

Here are their final texts before Emy crashed and died:


  Emy Brochu: BB is perfect

Mathieu Fortin: 🙂 I love you Ms Brochu

Emy Brochu: I love you too and I’ll try to make you happy Mr Fort

Mathieu Fortin: :))))) Me too BB XxxxxxxxxxxX

Mathieu Fortin: I have a meeting at 12.30 I would have liked to hear your beautiful voice before but … we’ll talk tonight before 6.00 … good day at school bb and I kiss you all over 🙂

Mathieu Fortin: BB will you be on time for school?

Mathieu Fortin: Is all well my heart?

Mathieu Fortin: BB I’m a little worried there …

He urges people to learn from his story.

“An accident can happen quickly,” he writes. “I hope every time you look at your cellphone while you’re driving, you think of Emy and those who loved her.

“At what time is a text or an email more important than life itself? At what point is something on your phone more important than the people that you love?”

Guys, we have to do better and take this seriously.

Our kids and loved ones need us. We owe it to them to be more responsible. Tweets, facebook updates, and texts can wait. If it can’t, pull over at least.

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