Baby Revived By His Mother’s Touch…

There is so much power in a mother’s touch and love.

Australian mom Kate Ogg can attest to this.

On March 25, 2010, she gave birth prematurely to twins, Emily and Jamie. She was only 27 weeks along.

Daughter, Emily was fine, but doctors pronounced Jamie dead.

He was placed on his mom’s bare chest for her to hold and say goodbye.

Within a few minutes, Jamie began to move. The doctor warned Kate and her husband David that this was merely a reflex and not to get excited.

Kate wasn’t discouraged. She continued to coddle and love her child that was pronounced dead. He continued to respond. His eyes and mouth opened. Kate put some breastmilk on her finger tip and Jamie began to suck.

Many studies have shown skin to skin contact  (also known as Kangaroo Care) immediately following birth is more beneficial for babies than wrapping them in a blanket or being put in an incubator. One doctor concluded:

The baby is happier, the baby’s temperature is more stable and more normal, the baby’s heart and breathing rates are more stable and more normal, and the baby’s blood sugar is more elevated. Not only that, skin to skin contact immediately after birth allows the baby to be colonized by the same bacteria as the mother. This, plus breastfeeding, are thought to be important in the prevention of allergic diseases. When a baby is put into an incubator, his skin and gut are often colonized by bacteria different from his mother’s.

This definitely proved true for baby Jamie.

After almost 2 years, Jamie and sister Emily are thriving and healthy.

If this weren’t miracle enough, mom Kate, who conceived her twins via in vitro fertilization became pregnant just 7 months after delivering Jamie and Emily!

She went on to deliver a healthy boy, Charlie.

Kangaroo Care is not very popular in the United States, but if I have another kid, I’m gonna wanna whip that tacky hospital gown off and hold my baby skin to skin!

Watch baby Jamie come back to life. Amazing video footage taken in the hospital:



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