Food Truck Ban Near California Schools

Food trucks are all the rave in Los Angeles.

I will admit, I am a HUUUGE Food Truck groupie.

I’m a regular at The Grilled Cheese Truck, Lobsta Truck, and Ragin Cajun.

They know me, I stalk follow them on Twitter…yes, I have a problem.

My boys and I love it! Great food, convenience, and reasonable prices.

There are a zillion food trucks in LA to satisfy the hunger for even the pickiest eater: Korean BBQ, Vegetarian, Gourmet Burgers, Shaved Ice, Nom Nom, Dim Sum, Salads, Tacos, Crepes…you name it!

In addition to providing great food options, Food Trucks are also becoming staples at birthday parties and events around LA.

Many local schools bank on the popularity of the trucks and their huge following by organizing them for school fundraisers.

Popular trucks assemble on school grounds, and a portion of the proceeds earned are donated to the school.

I have gone to quite a few of these (just doing my part to help support education!). They are so much fun and kids and parents really enjoy it.

However, this could come to an end soon.

Carmel Assemblyman Bill Monning introduced a bill prohibiting food trucks from selling food within 1,500 feet of an elementary or secondary school between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

The bill is intended to be part of the state’s effort to create a healthier eating environment for school children.

I understand the need for healthier food in schools, especially with a child obesity rate that has tripled in the past 3 decades.

I’d be more inclined to find something healthy and yummy on a food truck than in a school cafeteria.

Are food trucks really the problem???

What about the liquor stores, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores within walking distance of schools? Where are the laws for those???

And I find it odd that by California law, a marijuana dispensary needs to be at least 600 feet from a school, but a food truck needs a distance of 1,500 feet.

Are we saying Mary Jane is better for a child’s health than something a food truck has to offer???


Doesn’t make sense to me.

Get it together lawmakers. FOOD TRUCKS ROCK!

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