14 Year Old To Graduate From UCLA

I love underdog success stories.

Move over Jeremy Lin…here comes Moshe.

Moshe Kai Cavalin doesn’t like being called a genius.

At the age of 8 he enrolled in college.

He earned his first of two Associate of Arts degrees from East Los Angeles Community College at age 9, graduating with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Hmm….to put this into perspective, Mo will be 8 in a few months. His favorite subject is P.E. He giggles when someone says, “Penis, Butt, or Fart“.

I’m 37. My favorite subject is twitter. I giggle when someone says, “Penis, Butt, or Fart“.

Being in college at age 8, Umm…yeah, I’d say Moshe has some genius tendencies.

He says it’s just hard work.

He says, “People need to know you don’t really need to be a genius. You just have to work hard and you can accomplish anything.”

In his 100 page book, “We Can Do” he talks about how young people can accomplish success through simple acts like staying focused and approaching tasks with total commitment.

The book is available in Mandarin and English.

Moshe is now 14 years old. He is set to graduate from UCLA this year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math.

He lives in on campus housing with his parents and is on scholarship at UCLA.

He hopes to go on to graduate school and later earn his Doctorate.

Moshe knows how to have fun too. He enjoys soccer, martial arts, and Jackie Chan. He says he watches 4 hours of tv a week and focuses on studying.

Hats off to this young fella.

Doogie Howser anyone?

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