Hot Mom & Hot Dad Rock Super Bowl

At 53 years old, Madonna Louise Ciccone is older than the Super Bowl.

Gospel choir, cartwheels, hot bod Gladiators, drumline, tightrope walker, one armed push ups, M.I.A., Cee Lo, Nicki Minaj and LMFAO….no, I’m not talking about what goes on in my bedroom.

This was Madonna’s performance at Super Bowl XLVI (that’s 46 for those of you who weren’t paying attention to Roman Numerals in grade school).

Mommy of 4, Madonna rocked the halftime show doing a medley of old songs with her new upcoming single, “Give Me All Your Luvin”.

Her performance of Vogue, Music, and Like A Prayer had every gay man and old school pop music junkee up dancing and working off the the Super Bowl hot wings.

After 8 years of not having a female solo act not do a halftime performance, hats off to Madge. She looked stunning and put on a great show.

As if all that weren’t enough entertainment for 1 night, father of 4, David Beckham debuted his H&M bodywear collection in a commercial during the game.

*fanning myself*

If you ever wondered if women watched the Super Bowl, you knew as soon as his commercial aired. Twitter went crazy and David Beckham instantly started trending.

I imagine it was quite awkward for men watching the game to see helmet to helmet action, then all of a sudden Beckham’s tats, pecs, and tight ass are on the screen.


But seriously, I was only looking at his package tattoos.

Becks and Madge are proof that parenthood and aging only make you better!

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