Stop Bullying Kyle Williams

According to the U.S. Department of Eduation, 160,000 children a day stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied.

There have been more and more cases of bullying in schools.

Today, kids are dealing with bullying on another level. There is cyber bullying (twitter, Facebook, email), sports bullying, gay bullying…the list goes on and on.

Bullying has always been prevelant in schools, but it just seems like it’s escalating.

There is no excuse for bullying with kids.

There definitely is no excuse for bullying among adults.

I never realized that bullying in sports existed until recently.

I am an avid college football fan and understand how it sucks when your team loses. However, I usually watch with my sons so I try to be cautious how I express my frustration.

In the NFC Championship Game between the NY Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Williams of the 49ers fumbled 2 punt returns.

The Giants ultimately won the game in overtime.

Both fumbles resulted in the Giants scoring afterward. Many irate 49er fans blamed Williams for the loss. (Educated sports fans know one or 2 plays does not determine winning a game…hello…a football game lasts like 3 hours!)

These idiots fans took to Twitter and Facebook to express their ignorance frustration.

Kyle Williams has been trending nonstop on Twitter since the end of the game, and it’s not for his cool tattoos.

Some went above and beyond criticism and issued death threats and flat out hate towards Kyle Williams.

@KyleWilliams_10. I hope you, youre wife, kids and family die, you deserve it(@javpasquel)

@KyleWilliams_10 you should jump off the golden gate bridge for that one. #fired(@KillaKlips)


you fucking suck and I hope you get cut! @KyleWilliams_10 (@tomidontplaydat)

Im on you all day @KyleWilliams_10 fuckin choked… Damn loser(@Mr_Coo_Coo502)

I hope you die in your sleep tonight @KyleWilliams_10 (@ComptonAssDeezy)

WHOA! Throw the ole “Sticks and Stones” adage out the window.

Death threats and hate hurt!

Cyber bullying gives cowards an easy outlet to say things hiding behind their keyboard.

What kind of message is this sending our kids? As adults, we need to be the example.

It was nice to see some of his teammates step up and express their support.

As a pro athlete, you expect criticism. However, the threats against Kyle Williams cross the line.

He’s not super human. He’s a man with feelings. I’m sure he’s beating himself up for his own performance.

The concept with Kyle is no different from a 7 year old being laughed at for his freckles, the middle schooler whose lunch money is taken, or the child who is ridiculed for being picked last.

All this needs to stop!

Parents, we have got to take a stand on bullying, and it starts with the example we set.

Bullying has gone beyond Yo Mama jokes and fist fights. Kids are being taunted, rejected, excluded and hurt to the point of committing suicide.

Please take it seriously.

Talk to your kids,  look for warning signs, and take action.

Being Bullied

  • Comes home with damaged or missing clothing or other belongings
  • Reports losing items such as books, electronics, clothing, or jewelry
  • Has unexplained injuries
  • Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or feeling sick
  • Has trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams
  • Has changes in eating habits
  • Hurts themselves
  • Are very hungry after school from not eating their lunch
  • Runs away from home
  • Loses interest in visiting or talking with friends
  • Is afraid of going to school or other activities with peers
  • Loses interest in school work or begins to do poorly in school
  • Appears sad, moody, angry, anxious or depressed when they come home
  • Talks about suicide
  • Feels helpless
  • Often feels like they are not good enough
  • Blames themselves for their problems
  • Suddenly has fewer friends
  • Avoids certain places
  • Acts differently than usual

Bullying Others

  • Becomes violent with others
  • Gets into physical or verbal  fights with others
  • Gets sent to the principal’s office or detention a lot
  • Has extra money or new belongings that cannot be explained
  • Is quick to blame others
  • Will not accept responsibility for their actions
  • Has friends who bully others
  • Needs to win or be best at everything has great apparel to show support of anti-bullying as well as some good motivational and leadership info for kids.

Here are some other sites to help you and your child:

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