366 Random Acts Of Kindness

It’s amazing how much parenthood can make you see things in a different light.

For me, being a mom gave me my forgotten voice back.

Motherhood innately made me wanna be a strong, intelligent role model for kids.

It also inspired me to write and share my journey on this lovely blog that you enjoy so much 🙂

Parenthood also inspired 30 year old Chicago sales rep Ryan Garcia.

Ryan has vowed to do 366 random acts of kindness…that’s something for every day of 2012 (ok, slow people, this year is a Leap year, hence 366 days).

“It was a New Year’s resolution. I have a newborn daughter who is 4-months-old, and I just want to set a great example for her. So every day this year, I’m going to do a different random act of kindness.”

He is blogging about his journey.

Here’s his list of kind acts done so far:


DAY 1: Gave a hard-working StreetWise vendor money for groceries

DAY 2: Sent a letter to a soldier in Afghanistan

DAY 3: Donate eye glasses

DAY 4: Help promote someone who is trying to help others

DAY 5: Let everyone go first, EVERYONE

DAY 6: Read a book to my daughter/Donated a book to children

DAY 7: Donated blood and a bone marrow sample

DAY 8: Told a joke

DAY 9: Signed a petition to stop using ‘The R Word’ (and dedicated myself to stop using it)

DAY 10: Compliment 25 strangers

DAY 11: Mentored a child in need

DAY 12: Wrote a thank you letter to a former teacher

DAY 13: Helped a senior citizen shovel snow

DAY 14: Delivered care packages to the homeless

DAY 15: Sent condolences to the parents of a fallen soldier

DAY 16: Participated in Martin Luther King Jr Day service activities

DAY 17: Gave away free hugs to whomever wanted one

DAY 18: Helped someone see his favourite team

Day 19: Bought Girl Scout Cookies

Day 20: Bought a stranger breakfast

After reading his list, I’m feeling like a slight underachiever. Hmm…the kindest thing I’ve done this year was prolly check my mail in a tank top and not flick off my neighbor for staring at my boobs.

I’ve got to do better!

Ryan hopes to inspire others.

“It’s just to spread kindness. Maybe someone will see this and they’ll do something nice for their neighbor.” 

I applaud Ryan’s efforts. We need more dads and human beings dedicated to goodness like this.

Check out his blog and send him acts of kindness ideas:  366randomacts.org.

You can follow him on twitter: @366RandomActs (lets help him get his followers up…he has 174 now)

facebook: www.facebook.com/366RandomActsOfKindness).

Because Ryan is such a standup guy, 10 cents will be donated to charity for every Like and Follow.

Ryan, if Oprah were still on the air, you would definitely be sitting next to her for an episode.

Hats off to you!!! Keep up the great work!

I’m sure you’ve already made your daughter very proud 🙂

You can see a video clip here.

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