GA Mom Lets 10 Year Old Son Get A Tattoo

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I am all for tats, but not for kids.

Cobb County, Ga., mother Chuntera Napier was charged with misdemeanor child cruelty for allowing her 10 year old son, Gaquan Napier, to get a tattoo.

I can respect the fact that he wanted to honor the memory of his brother, Malik who died in a car accident, but aren’t there other ways???

Chuntera said,

“My son came to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace. What do I say to a child who wants to remember his brother?”

Umm…how bout tell him NO, and when he’s 18 he can, right now, he can draw a picture to express his feelings.

In Georgia it is illegal for kids under 18 to get a tat.

“it shall be unlawful for any person to tattoo the body of any person under the age of 18, except for a physician or osteopath…”

Ms. Napier said “I always thought if a parent gives consent, then it’s fine. How can somebody else say it’s not OK? He’s my child, and I have a right to say what I want for my child.”

And what kind of tattoo place is tatting up a lil kid? Hmm….sounds like some kinda bootleg job. Lil man might wanna get that tat checked! IJS

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