Beyonce and Jay-Z Welcome Baby

The future of the music industry has arrived.

Back in August, Beyonce revealed on the MTV Video Awards that she and hubby Jay-Z were expecting.

She’s had a pretty low key pregnancy. I’m surprised there were no belly shots done by world renowned photographers, or magazine covers baring her navel…just a couple of event appearances.

Well…the moment has arrived for 30 year old Beyonce and 42 year old Jay-Z:

All hail BLUE IVY…or is it IVY BLUE?

The little Princess hasn’t been here 24 hours and she’s already involved in her 1st Hollywood scandal!

Earlier reports said the baby was named Ivy Blue, however later news sources said her name is Blue Ivy.

Does it matter…is one really better than the other???

Gal pal and Hot Mama Gwenyth Paltrow tweeted her name indeed is  Blue Ivy.

Blue Ivy/Ivy Blue was said to be born at Upper East Side Hospital, Lennox Hill via C-Section.

Either way, many of you questioned my approval of my BFF Mariah’s baby names for her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Hmm….doesn’t seem so odd now, huh?

Blue Ivy sort of makes me think of a paint color, perfume, plant, fabric softener scent, porn star.

However, I like when there is meaning behind a baby name. Rumors say that “Blue” is Jay-Z’s favorite color. 

The number 4 (represented by Roman Numerals, “IV” in IVy) is a lucky number for Beyonce.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were born on Sept. 4 and Dec. 4. They were married on April 4, 2008. Also, Beyonce’s latest album is entitled 4.

Aww shucks, I thought the 4 had something to do with  Brett Favre.

Ahhh well….she’s the child of music and fashion moguls Beyonce Knowles and Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. I’m sure she’ll do just fine.

If she wants to change her name to Metta World Peace or something when she grows up well…that’s another story.

I’m sure Beyonce will be in tip top shape and strutting her post baby body on MTV in no time.

And Baby Blue will no doubt be doing background babbles on mommy and daddy’s albums just as soon as she can utter Goo Goo Ga Ga.

I’m excited to see Mommy Beyonce. I’m sure she will be fabulous!!!

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