Landon Collins’ Mom Wants Him At LSU Not Bama

The Under Armour All-America game was on last night.

It showcased the top high school football players in the U.S.

There were 13 players in the game related to former pro athletes including Jim Kelly, Deion Sanders, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Many of the young men have already made verbal commitments to top colleges, but some haven’t and a few of them revealed their decision on national television during the game.

The most talked about is  6-foot-2, 205-pound Landon Collins. He is the nation’s top safety prospect.

His decision came down to 2 schools: LSU and Alabama, the #1 and #2 rated colleges in the country.

Collins is from Geismar, Louisiana not far from Baton Rouge.

Ultimately, Landon Collins chose Alabama over LSU.

He said he felt more at home with the Crimson Tide. (Booooo!)

That’s been the thing for me and what I have always said. I felt so much at home at Alabama,” he said. “I have so much trust in those coaches and I get along so well with the players. That is why I ultimately picked Alabama.”

Most parents would be happy that their child will be attending college on a scholarship and playing for a top notch football program.

Not Landon Collins’ mom!

Immediately after saying his terrible choice, Mama Collins dropped her head not hiding her disappointment.

“I feel as if LSU is the better place for him,” she said. “LSU Tigers are No. 1.”

While Landon held up gloves celebrating Alabama, his mom sat next to him waving the gloves of mighty LSU!

GEAUX Mama Collins.

Sorry, but as a LSU fan, I love his mom’s zeal, respect, and appreciation for LSU!!!

Afterall, mama knows best!

However, if his decision were between Bama and say….Ole Miss, I would be denouncing her actions for not supporting her son.

So…I vow never to do this to Mo or B if they choose another college over LSU. I promise…

Oh, and Tide fans, don’t get your cousin’s panties in a happy wad thinking you’ve snooped the Tigers. Word is, Landon Collins’ girlfriend is a big Alabama fan and will be attending there next year.

Hmm….sounds like the NCAA needs to look into some Bama recruiting policies…IJS



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