Celebrity Look Alike

Why do people always wanna find a celebrity look alike for everyone?

People always tell me I look like someone in the Hollyweird world. However no comparisons that flattered me enough that I care to repeat.

For some reason, strangers always feel the need to approach me and Mo and tell us who they think he resembles.

Poor Mo.

This has pretty much happened for most of his life.

Early comparisons were to Chicago Bulls basketball player, Joakim Noah.

As Mo and his hair grew, we couldn’t walk into a sports venue without people telling him how much he looks like Pittsburgh Steelers Safety, Troy Polamalu.

In addition to his stellar football accomplishments, Polamalu is also known for his Head and Shoulders commercials. Also the fact that he insured his lovely locks for $1 million.

On a recent park playdate, a group of horny happy moms were sitting around chatting about all the hot guys in Hollywood (this is women’s version of barber shop/locker room talk).

Mom #1: Have you guys seen that hottie who was in the new Conan The Barberian?

Me: Oh yeah, he’s cute.

Mom #2:He is fiiiiiine.

Mom #3: Oh yeah, he could get it.

Mom #2: I think his name is Jason Momoa.

Mom #1: He was in Stargate: Atlantis and Game of Thrones.

Mom #2: Hey Nora, he kinda looks like your son…(pointing at Mo)

Mom #1,2,3: OMG!!!! Your son looks A LOT like sexy Jason Momoa

Me: Gee….thanks guys for killing that moment for me.

So, umm yeah….that awkward moment when you’re fantasizing about a really hot guy and someone points out that he looks a lot like your 7 year old son…

I guess I gotta give it up for Jason. He’s married to Cosby Show cougar star, Lisa Bonet. The couple has 2 kids. 4 year old daughter ,Lola Iolani Momoa, and 3 year old son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

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