Get Motivated For 2012

It seems that for many moms, getting in shape is a big personal goal.

It definitely is for me. Especially after I tried to squeeze into a pair of super cute jeans I bought on sale, but my thighs served as road blocks.

I don’t own a scale, but when I got a sore throat and went in to get it checked out, the Devil Doctor weighed me.

I almost fainted when I saw I was 8 pounds over the weight I wanted to be at.

I’ll admit, I’ve been uber friendly with Jiffy cornbread, cupcakes, and extra buttery Mac N Cheese. But wow… I didn’t realize all that wanted to hang around with me for months.

I’m not one to complain…ok, who am I kidding…I will keep a Complaint Department employed, but I am determined to drop these 8 pounds and get into my jeans.

I have a gym membership, but I have somewhat reached a workout plateau.

I go into my gym like it’s a nightclub…high fiving all my buddies, giving a shout out to the granny on the treamill, lounging on the couch and watching ESPN…

This is not getting me results.

I have a background in Physical Therapy and have rehabbed top athletes, so I KNOW what I need to be doing…I just need a little push.

Shuttling the kids around all day and being in mommy mode leaves me a tad uninspired and lethargic once I get free time.

It was time to get some help.

A longtime friend of mine owns a gym, and has trained many people I know. I dragged my jiggly ass in there to see him.

I instantly loved Alive Fitness.

It’s clean, everyone was friendly,they had cool modern equipment, the locker room was nice, and they had FREE good water (I am weird, I know this).

Alive owner, Jason Cohen trained me and really gave me a great workout.

He showed me a lot of exercises and equipment that I wasn’t familiar with, and kept each workout fresh and new (I get bored easily). Best of all, he was just the right combo of being encouraging and stern.

In addition to great workouts, Jason gave me a plethora of food and nutrition info. (Who knew cornbread and cupcakes daily weren’t helping my thighs???)

Mommies, the New Year is right around the corner. So many of us make resolutions to get our pre-kids body back. A gym membership is a great start, but working with a trainer can definitely get you results.

I am loving my workouts at Alive Fitness. Good thing I have Jason in my corner. Otherwise, I might have had to change my site from to

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