Supporting Kids In Sports

In Lakeville, Minnesota, 52-year-old Steven Wilson was arrested and charged with fifth-degree domestic assault after he reportedly grabbed his son and punched him in the face after a loss.

Many witnesses told police the father grabbed his son with one arm and began punching him in the face with the other.

Nearby parents had to physically intervene before the altercation was broken up.

After calling local police to the scene, Wilson was arrested and spent the night in jail before posting $10,000 to get out without conditions.

If charged, he faces a $3,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail.

Even without knowing all the details, this is a very sad and unfortunate situation.

However, I need to read stories like this to remind myself not to take sports too seriously.

I will be the 1st to admit that I am the crazy mom yelling, screaming, and cheering on the field sideline. I get so emotionally involved in all Mo’s games, you would think I have stock in his team.

I have always been very competitive on all levels. Mo is the same way.

Many times I have to take a deep breath, relax, and remind myself that it’s just a soccer game/basketball game/after school game.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to run on the playing field and help Mo’s team….or smack an opposing team for roughing up my son.

I’ve never felt rage against Mo for his performance, but the incident at Lakeville South High School is a gentle reminder to love and support my son throughout his athletic experiences.

As parents, fans, and onlookers, it’s so easy to watch from the sidelines and critique.

Spectators always seem to have the best insight and hindsight.

The beauty of sports is that it’s such a great opportunity for character building. Yes, winning is great, but it also teaches our children a great life lesson in how to deal with defeat/loss/mistakes/disappointment.

I’m sure when he faces adversity in sports he will be hard enough on himself.

So, I will do my best to continue to support and encourage him throughout the process.

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