Dream Jewelry

I love supporting mommy friends in their business ventures.

I told you about yummy cake pops from Lil Bit of Love, and lollipop necklaces from mom of 4, Simone I. Smith…well now I’ve found the perfect bracelets.

I will never forget being in 8th grade and trying out for cheerleading. I was realllly nervous because we didn’t have middle school waaaay back then. Our high school was 8-12 grade. One of the JV cheerleaders, Caroline, was super nice to me and helped ease my fears. It worked. I made the squad. Woo hoo ♥SPIRIT FINGERS♥.

Fast forward many years, Caroline now has a beautiful daughter and a budding jewelry business.

She makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL bracelets.

Her company, Dream Jewelry makes everything handmade using natural gemstones like Tiger Eye, Agate, Turquoise, Labradorite, Lapis, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, and Jade to name a few.

They are absolutely beautiful on her website.

I was blown away when I saw them in person.

The Tahitian bracelet is made with a Agate center and cream beads called Fossil.

Black Onyx Bead with a crystal studded cross.

Since all items are handmade, she custom sized my bracelets for my teeny wrist.

Just in time for the holidays, Dream Jewelry is having a HUUUUGE sale on their website.

Most items are around 50% off their already very reasonable prices.

Check them out and support a wonderful mommy!

Make sure to check out and “LIKE” Dream Jewelry on Facebook.

Here’s a peek at some of Dream Jewelry’s other items:

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