Penn State Scandal

As an avid college football fan and mom of 2 boys, I was gonna stay away from talking about the Penn State scandal.

But as an avid college football fan and mom of 2 boys, I feel the need to discuss the Penn State scandal.

Let’s just summarize the basics:

Jerry Sandusky, 67 year old retired Penn State assistant football coach is facing charges that he sexually abused eight boys over 15 years. These allegations have led to the firing of the college president and iconic football coach Joe Paterno. Sandusky was arrested Nov. 5 and charged with 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys. He is free on $100,000 bail.

If you wanna read more on the charges, here is a detailed timeline.

I love football, but i am always a mom first.

Just the thought of some of the charges makes my stomach turn.

Even more, the thought of Penn State being knowledgeable of what was going on with Sandusky disgusts me.

To add to the fire, if Joe Pa was allowed to continue coaching only to break Grambling University’s Eddie Robinson‘s winning streak record, there are no words.

Grambling head coach Eddie Robinson retired in 1997 as the winningest coach in college football history. He led the Louisiana historically black university to 408 Division 1 wins.

This amazing feat was surpassed on October 29, 2011 by 84 year old Penn State coach, Joe Paterno at Beaver Stadium.

A week later, Sandusky is arrested and all Hell breaks loose around Penn State as the world becomes aware of what only a handful of people in the Nittany Lions community knew.

And just recently, ANOTHER school has come under fire for sexual allegations with minors.

32-year-old Louis Neal ReVille, an alumnus and summer camp counselor of The Citadel, had allegeations in 2007 of an incident with minors at a Citadel Summer Camp. He later went on to work with hundreds of children as a teacher and coach in Charleston area schools, recreation programs and churches.

ReVille was arrested last month on five counts of allegedly sexually abusing boys, according to authorities. ReVille is in jail on a $1 million bond
and has confessed to sexually assaulting five teenage boys that he coached.

So…as parents, what can we do to protect our children?

We raise our boys and try to instill values in them, then release them to the world in hopes that they use these tools to develop into young men.

Nope, NOT ME.

Both of my boys play sports and it’s so easy for us to entrust our children with these coaches who play such a huge role in their lives.

I am gonna be like DeNiro in Meet the Fockers. Sly Stallone in Rambo. Charles Bronson in Death Wish.

I’m going Mama Vigilante on these sickos and wackos who take advantage of our children’s youth and innocence.

I wanna be on every sideline, shower room, and camp sleepover.

I have no qualms about being THAT MOM.

I will be side-eyeing any Coach who does too many booty pats or exhibits excessive physical celebration on good plays.

I realize there are many great coaches who only want to help young men flourish in sports. However, stories like the allegations at Penn State and The Citadel are the reason why I have to sit my 7 year old son down and talk about not letting ANYONE near his private parts.

*My heartfelt thoughts go out to any victim and their families of sexual abuse.

*Organizations like RAINN , Dancing In The Darkness, and Stop It Now provide support and resources for sexual abuse victims.

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