Baby License

Sometimes I sit back and look at my boys and think,

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m someone’s mom.”

It seems like just yesterday that I was goofing off, cracking mindless jokes, and being obnoxious. Oh, it WAS yesterday.

Well, I meant doing all that clowning around in high school.

Who in the world would let someone so silly take on the responsibilities of motherhood?

It amazes me that basically any female can become a mom.

There really isn’t a screening process or license to get to enter motherhood.

Let’s face it, to get a driver’s permit, you at least have to take a written and skills test. You must prove you’re worthy before they let you out on the road.

To get into college, there was an application process and I had to take a scholastic exam (SAT and ACT) to let them know what I was capable academically before they welcomed me to their university.

Ralphs and CVS even made me fill out an application before I could start raking in their store savings.

So, no wonder it can get so overwhelming when you’re a parent sometimes.

You really don’t know what to expect, kids don’t come with a handbook, and there aren’t many pre-requisites to meet before becoming a parent.

The only type of “test” I even remember is the hospital checking that I had a baby car seat (and I didn’t even have anything to do with getting the car seat, it was a shower gift). Other than that, I was pretty much on my way home with my new baby, no questions asked. Wow.

So how does a goofy, your mama joke telling girl transform into a mother?

It’s just something that “happened” for me. Maybe the hospital injected something special into all that prune juice they kept bringing me, who knows? But, I instantly developed a superpower. I like to call it “intuition.” My instincts started kicking in once I became a mom. In addition to that, skills and things I didn’t know I began to seek out resources and people to help me learn.

And  as I watch my sons grow, I can’t help but smile as I see them goofing off, cracking mindless jokes, and being obnoxious.

Obvious proof of my great parenting skills, and the fact that maybe I didn’t need a baby license after all.

P.S- I found a really cute site that actually makes a baby license and other cute personalized baby items. lol

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