Halloween 2011

I love Halloween.

Yes, partly for the candy, but mostly bc my normally nonchalant child, Mo gets REALLY excited.

Mo doesn’t care about much or show emotion for anything besides sports.

When Halloween rolls around, he gets really giddy. Like a lot of 7 year old boys, he loves the scary and gory stuff.

So, to indulge him, we decorate our house  in  Grizwald fashion with hanging goblins, skeleton graveyard, orange lights, talking zombies, and fog machine.

We make Halloween treats, roast pumpkin seeds, and the boys have fun picking out their costume…then we enjoy all the trick or treating festivities.

Grizwald Halloween decor

I was Glee’s Sue Sylvester, B was Scooby Doo

Ruh-Ro…B found my blonde wig

Mo was a pirate goblin

Mo and the gang

Mo’s pumpkin creation

I”m really comfy with a knife

The Halloween loot

Love at 1st sight!

Pleading with Mo for some candy corn

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