I Don’t Want My Sons Playing Football

It is no secret that I am a huge LSU Football fan.

Every Saturday for me starts with Mo’s soccer game followed by watching LSU (thank goodness we are the #1 ranked football team and usually nationally televised).

Along with SEC football, I just looooove watching sports in general.

So naturally, Mo being an athlete and sharing this love of sports works well.

However, I am terrified that he will love and want to play football as he gets older.

This is pure selfishness on my part. I can admit it.

While watching the Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt game, I was reminded WHY I don’t want my boys playing football.

Arkansas wide receiver Marquel Wade was ejected from the game in the 3rd quarter after a dirty hit to Vanderbilt punt returner Jonathan Krause.

The worst part came AFTER the hit…Wade celebrated his biatch azz hit on the sidelines as Krause layed on the ground for several minutes. Krause eventually got up, walked to the sidelines, and later came back into the game.

The hit was so bad it sent twitter into a tailspin as “Marquel Wade” instantly became a trending topic denouncing Wade’s actions.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDEHflpbzko&w=640&h=360]

The illegal hit was clearly bad enough (the Razorbacks got a penalty for it), but it was Wade’s celebration, taunting the Vandy fans, and mouthing off to his coaches afterward (this is prolly what prompted his ejection).

Plays like this remind me that although I have a passion for college football, I’m a mom before a football fan.

I do not wanna catch a felony case for whupping up on some 20 year old kid and his mama.

I would be THAT MOM out on the field every quarter taking my shoe off trying to smack some kid for roughing up my boy.

Sooooo…we’ll see what happens. I always do my best to support my boys and their non football interests.

I just know if Mo or B play football at any level, I will have high blood pressure meds and nunchucks handy.

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