Mom Banned From 8 McDonald’s

Welp, no more Big Macs or Egg McMuffins for 36 year old Arizona mommy , Erin Carr-Jordan.

The mom of 4 has begun a bacteria fighting crusade against McDonald’s and their play structures.

Her efforts have gotten her banned from 8 Arizona McDonald’s.

It all started after she complained to a McDonald’s manager about unsanitary conditions in an indoor play area, and came back a few days later to find nothing had changed.

At that point, Carr-Jordan began swabbing indoor McDonald’s playgrounds around Arizona.

Her findings have included MRSA bacteria,and other pathogens that can cause a host of serious health issues, including meningitis,  gastrointestinal disease and nausea. *gasp*

She reported some of her findings to the McDonald’s manager as well as some of the customers at the PlayPlace.

No action was taken and days later she recieved a hand delivered letter from a lawyer prohibiting her from setting foot at eight Arizona McDonald’s or she will be charged with criminal trespass.

Erin has her BA in Broadcast Business Management and MA and my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology specializing in Lifespan Development.

Despite Ronald’s ban, she is continuing her crusade against yucky play areas on her site, Kids Play Safe.

There are currently no regulations at the state or the federal level that require establishments that have indoor play lands (i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Chuck e Cheese) to keep them clean or safe. *yikes*


Our kids have all been to those places and there is prolly more germs and yucky stuff in there than the Playboy Mansion grotto.

I applaud her efforts. I’m sure her family is proud of her.

It’s no secret these play places are grimey and germ-y. This is one of the main reasons I don’t like going to these places.

On her site, Erin says, “I love being a graduate professor but there is nothing better than being a mom!

I believe this combo will prove that Erin is a force to make a difference!

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