What Would You Do With $150K?

As parents, we’re constantly teaching our kids about right and wrong.

We try and instill values and character into them.

How many of us practice what we preach?

I always tell my boys if you find something that’s not yours, return it to the owner or lost and found.

But, what if you found a bag full of MONEY? Like, A LOT of money…

Wayne Sabaj, 49 yer old of Illinois, has been unemployed for 2 years. He moved in with his father and was preparing dinner and looking around the backyard garden.

Wayne was looking for broccoli, but something else “green” caught his eye…a duffle bag full of MONEY, all $20 bills!

To many people’s surprise, he called the police who came out and spotted ANOTHER duffle bag of Jacksons. The 2 bags discovered amongst the homegrown peppers and sprouts totalled $150K cash.

The unemployed carpenter said, “I haven’t worked in two years. Yeah, I was like, I could really use this money,” the man told ABC Chicago in August. “With my luck, it would be bank robbery and I’d get caught and say I’d robbed a bank.”

When Dr. Xhelo Shuaipaj of Elite Dental Care Centers in suburban Downers Grove heard this story, he was touched.

“Somebody asked him, what would you do with that money? Boy, if I could keep that money, his name is Wayne, he said, I would get my teeth fixed ’cause I’ve had trouble with my teeth. So when we heard that, we said that was a really nice thing he did. We want to pay it forward,” Dr. Shuaipajtold ABC Chicago.

Dr. Shuaipaj offered to fix Sabaj’s teeth for free.

If the owner of the money is not found police will assist Sabaj in determining if he can keep the cash.

If not, he got a new set of teeth and the satisfaction of doing the right thing. 🙂


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