Mariah, Nick, Roc, and Roe

It is no secret that I am goo goo ga ga for my imaginary BFF Mariah Carey.

When she callled me announced that the world would meet the twins on a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, I felt like a Grandma waiting to meet her grandkids for the 1st time.

I don’t blame the new parents for keeping the 1st six months of parenthood and photos of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe (A.K.A Roc and Roe) out of the public eye.

The world has seen Mimi the entertainer, but this was our 1st glimpse at Mommy Mariah.

I loved it!

My favorite moment was seeing Mariah sing her smash hit We Belong Together to son Roc. (P.S- Bronson’s middle name is Rocco…Mmm hmm…IJS). Anyway, the look her son gives her as she serenades him is one of those moments of parenthood that stays with you forever.

Oh, and I was soooo happy to see MC and NC took my advice got the twins the book, Freight Train by Donald Crews.  It is one Mo and B’s favorite books.


The proud parents also revealed that they have started a website to offer “a glimpse of our personal family photo album” .

Their new site, helps support the Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Mariah. Anyone interested in publishing the Moroccan and Monroe photos must do so through, with proceeds going to Camp Mariah.

“We are so elated to finally be able to show you some pictures of the beloved additions to our family.

They are Ms. MONROE CANNON & Mr. MOROCCAN SCOTT CANNON aka Roc & Roe. We deliberated for so long about how to reveal the first pictures of our babies to the world. We just didn’t want to do the typical thing and display them in a tabloid.”

They add, “We decided to share this beautiful experience with you in a special intimate portrait of our family.”

Nick and Mariah share, “To us it’s amazing to see their personalities shine through. They’re such loving beautiful people already.”

Mariah and Nick say that Parenthood is absolutely the most life changing experience we could ever have imagined. The love we feel for these babies is above and beyond anything we’d ever dreamed of.”

I love the website idea. It’s not only a great way to share with their fans and give back to a great cause, an online site is a wonderful way to preserve the memories.

I did one for Mo and B when they were babies. Baby Jelly Beans has so many templates and themes to create your child’s website in just minutes.

All you do is upload photos and add text. I had soooo much fun doing this.

Instead of sending mass emails to friends and family, everyone would just regularly visit the website I designed for my boys.

It costs $59 for a year and you also get a keepsake CD of your personal site.

Now your kids can be like Dem Babies!!!

Congratulations again to Nick and Mariah on their beautiful family. I can’t wait to babysit 🙂

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