Tokidoki (Tattoo) Barbie Rocks

collect Barbie dolls.

I have over 50 Barbies.

I am very proud of this.

As a young girl growing up, there weren’t many dolls that physically resembled me. Most of them were blonde hair and blue eyes.

However, over time Barbie has evolved and now celebrates many different characteristics and beauty in women.

I respect and appreciate this.

At one point, the term “Barbie” was used to refer to a woman that fit a neat, clean, and pretty mold. A woman called a “Barbie” was often a woman looked at having a pretty face and perfect body, and nothing more.

I am proud that the people of Mattel have helped to evolve this label over time.

Barbie can now be seen in so many different lights: glamorous, smart, career minded, successful, motherly, fashionable, and even slutty.

Barbie is an astronaut, President, college graduate, mother, athlete, Air Force pilot, teacher, police officer, physician…the list goes on and on.

Isn’t this more realistic for women?

I don’t know any women who aspire to be seen as a mindless pretty face and perfect body.

Women of 2011 express themselves, assert themselves, and educate themselves.

When I heard about Mattel’s new doll, Tokidoki Barbie (also called Tattoo Barbie) I was super excited.

I’m a tat lover, and I see so many moms who love tattoos also. Tats are becoming more common and many women are expressing themselves with tattoos. They’re not just for truckers and sailors!

Of course there is criticism of this doll by some parents.

They’re upset about the message of tattoos, pink hair, and a mini skirt.

Get over it…this doll rocks!!!

The more images our children see of women celebrated for different kinds of beauty, they more accepting and open minded they will grow up to be.

That to me is the true beauty of Barbie.

This doll is sold and marketed to adult clientele on the Barbie Collector website. With a price tag of $50, it clearly isn’t something a preteen’s allowance would easily afford.

I applaud Mattel for showcasing various kinds of beauty in women.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Tokidoki Barbie Doll.

Rock on Mattel…

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