My Fave Date

I love spending time with my boys. Seeing them laugh together and fight together is all part of the package.

Being a threesome is great, but sometimes one on one attention is needed too.

Mo is great with his little brother, but I remind myself that for 4 years, Mo had me all to himself. For 24 hours, my life revolved around him and his needs…then little brother came along.

He has adapted greatly to being a big brother, but once a week, I set a day aside for special “Mommy and Mo” time.

This means I put my phone down, and spend time listening to Mo talk about everything going on is his life.

I volunteer in his classroom then he and I are off for a quick date at my our favorite bakery, smoothie shop, or pizzeria.

At first, I thought the alone time was no big deal. Then I realized how much he looked forward to it. My kids thrive on a schedule and love knowing what to expect. He knows every Wednesday is our special time.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Sometimes kids just wanna feel special and loved. Our attention is FREE.

Our together time may seem like a small, simple gesture, but it’s funny…the little things are sometimes what means the most to kids.

I remember growing up and knowing that every Friday when I cheered at my high school football games, I would look up in the stands and see my dad. Rain or shine, win or lose (my school sucked so it was most likely a “L”), he was always there.

At halftime, he would have a Sprite, hotdog, and chips waiting for me to scarf down then I’d run off with my friends to evaluate the cute guys in attendance at the game.

It was simple time together, but those are the childhood moments that really stay with me.

The selfless act of parenting…just being there.

Fantastic Four mommy Jessica Alba gets this concept too. I love how she is always out and about with her older daughter Honor.

A couple months ago she gave birth to her 2nd daughter Haven.

A lot of times we tend to shower the newborn or lil bro/sis with so much love and attention, which is great. However, it’s great to find time to bond with the other kids to remind them they are special too.

Here’s Jess recently in LA out and about on lunch dates with daughter Honor.

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