Retouching School Pictures

Bad lighting, cheesy backgrounds, and awkward poses…

Woo Hoo! It’s school picture time.

As I’m reading the order form, I stumble across something that seems like a joke.


*Covers skin blemishes

*Softens facial lines under eyes

*Reduces general acne

I remember seeing the same option when Mo took school pics in Kindergarten and 1st grade too.

He’s in 2nd grade now, WHY would I wanna retouch photos of a 7 year old???

Then, I stop myself…ok, I do live in LA, land of the beautiful people, models, and actors. Maybe it’s a Los Angeles thing.

Then I check online and realize a lot of portrait companies are offering this to children across the United States.

I am stumped.

I truly cannot believe something like this is becoming the norm for this generation.

First, there was the 10 year old model doing a super sexy Vogue shoot, then the lingerie line for little girls…but now, we’re sending the message that for something as simple as a school picture, our kids should look flawless and not appreciate themselves as they are???

Seriously, what’s next? An enzymatic mask for our unborn fetus so he comes out of the womb looking FAB?

Buy photo retouching, get 50% off liposuction?

When is this gonna stop?

By the time Bronson gets to Kindergarten, in lieu of actually sitting for a real school picture they will just cut and paste one.

They will ask, who do you wanna look like on your school photo?

A. Justin Beiber

B. Kobe Bryant

C. Superman

D. Malibu Ken Doll

I predict in a few years, school pictures, won’t look like the goofy, bad lighting pics we know them as.

They’re gonna look like a bunch of clones, Headshots, and ZED cards. SMH

This is getting ridiculous.

I can’t lie, if I were a high school senior, umm….yeah, I’d be obsessed with wanting to look cute on my pics.

I would GLADLY pay the retouching fee.

Looking back on my senior pic, I look like such a goober, but I laugh now.

It’s not a perfect pic…I look like a Cabbage Patch kid about to graduate.

Photo retouching definitely could have helped me. But hey, it’s me and reflects a stage in my life twenty ten years ago 🙂

Retouching a simple school photo (especially below the high school level) is emphasizing too much on looks and perfection.

Kids already have enough pressure on them…now we’re telling them that it’s not ok to be who you are, or what you look like isn’t good enough.

By airbrushing a child’s mole on his cheek, how does he learn to grow up to be confident in his appearance or not to concede to bullies who make fun of something that makes him unique?

By retouching a child’s teeth to make them appear whiter will make him self conscious.

Kids are beautiful just the way they are.

Why can’t we let them enjoy their youth and innocence?

I am just gonna continue to instill in my boys that they should appreciate what makes them different.

They will always be flawless in my eyes. 🙂

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