Pregnant Woman Runs Marathon

When I was pregnant with Mo, they pretty much had to kick me out of work.

Why wouldn’t I wanna work?

I worked in a skilled nursing facility surrounded by doctors and nurses, patient’s families brought us donuts and See’s candy daily, and my co-workers enjoyed feeding me exotic food during lunch.

Oh, and I was getting paid to enjoy all of this.

What wasn’t to love????

When I heard about 27 year old mom of 2, Amber Miller, I just smiled.

Amber ran the 26.2-mile Bank of America Boston Marathon…while she was 39 weeks pregnant.

Then shortly after, gave birth to a healthy  7 pounds, 13 ounces, baby girl, June at 10:29 p.m.

Amber said she received her doctor’s approval to run the race and is an avid runner.

She  now completed eight marathons — three of them while pregnant. She ran one when she was 17 weeks pregnant with June, and another when she was pregnant with June’s older brother Caleb.

She said that it normally takes her about 3.5 hours to complete 26 miles, she completed this one with a time of 6:25:50.

Not only did she do it preggers, she also beat her hubbie!

The Supermom said she alternated running 2 miles and walking 2 miles. After celebrating this amazing accomplishment, she and her honey grabbed a sandwhich then headed to the hospital around 3PM bc of contractions.

I feel slightly like an underachiever …this woman ran a marathon then delivered a baby…what did YOU do today??lol

Considering I’m nowhere near being pregnant and I can barely withstand 5 MINUTES on the treadmill, I am in awe of Amber.

Hats off to her for keeping fit and healthy. I applaud her for staying active. I think she’s a great example for her kids.

She just better hope baby June doesn’t follow her footsteps and start running in a few months! I bet mama is ready for a little R&R right now. 🙂

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