David Beckham’s New Tattoo (Again)

I just love the Beckhams.

They’re funny, gorgeous, fashion conscious and seem super cool.

Vicky B gave birth to their 1st daughter 3 months ago. Four weeks later,  King Becks showcased his affection by tatting Baby Harper’s name near his clavicle.

I guess counting his money got old, bc the soccer star just got ANOTHER tat.

This one I LOVE.

His wife Victoria tweeted a photo and the message: “Harper loves daddy’s new tattoo of love. X VB”.

He got the word “Love” tatted on his hand.

We can only speculate what it stands for…

maybe he LOVEs his family…

maybe her LOVEs his wife…

perhaps he LOVEs reading www.ahotmama.com

Whatever it is, tats on parents ROCK.

Not to be outdone, Vicky B has quite an impressive tat collection herself.

I have no doubt their kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper will one day be sporting tats also.

Lots of love to the Beckhams. Please keep getting tatted so I have something to blog about!!!

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