Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, & Demi Moore raise Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

It is great to see how much support and awareness has been raised in the past few years.

I love how much the NFL has been supporting the cause. Everyone from the players, cheerleaders, and fans.

Cheryl, my high school friend has shared her journey in a 3 part blog using her wit, humor, and positive attitude regarding with her fight with breast cancer.

Hollywood is on board too. On October 10, 2011, Lifetime will air an orignal movie, Five, which consists of 5 short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives.

Five highlights the shared experience each short film’s title character endures from the moment of diagnosis, through an interconnected story arc that uses humor and drama to focus on the effect breast cancer and its different stages of diagnosis have on relationships and the way women perceive themselves while searching for strength, comfort, medical breakthroughs and, ultimately, a cure.

The all-star ensemble cast includes Academy Award nominee Patricia Clarkson (“Pieces of April”), Rosario Dawson (“Sin City”), Lyndsy Fonseca (“How I Met Your Mother”), Ginnifer Goodwin (“Big Love”), Josh Holloway (“Lost”), Taylor Kinney (“The Vampire Diaries”), Jenifer Lewis (“The Princess and the Frog”), Jennifer Morrison (“House M.D.”), Kathy Najimy (“WALL-E”), Golden Globe Award winner Bob Newhart (“Horrible Bosses”), Annie Potts (“Law & Order: SVU”), Tracee Ellis Ross (“Girlfriends”), Emmy and Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”), and Emmy nominees Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) and Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Big Love”).

I’m so excited that 2 Hot Mamas were directors of Five, Alicia Keys and Demi Moore, along with Jennifer Aniston.

They grace the cover of Glamour Magazine’s October issue.

New mom, Alicia Keys shares this about motherhood:

On baby Egypt: “My son, Egypt, makes me super giddy, especially when he laughs. His laugh makes me laugh like a maniac! I do think about [what kind of man I want him to be] a lot. He’s going to be a man in this world. It’s a beautiful blessing that I get to help raise a man. And I want to show him as much as possible.”

Demi Moore shares about her relationship with her 15 year younger beau, Ashton Kutcher:

Demi on what makes her “giddy”: “I’m an old-school romantic, so I get giddy when Ashton shows me another way of saying “I love you”—any little thought or gesture that’s playful or sweet. We leave Post-it notes for each other; some have been sticking up for five or six years! For me, it’s the small things. The first day of filming Charlotte, Ashton sent this bouquet of soft blue flowers with a card that said, “I believe in you.” I put them in this little room that I parked myself in while we were shooting in the rest of the house, and that was the room that we shot my movie’s final scene in. “

Super stunning Jennifer Aniston talks about being 40 years old:

Aniston on being 40, and remembering her 20s: “Being this side of 40 feels like what I should have felt being this side of 25: in my body, in my heart, happy with my life, and OK with whatever bumps in the road present themselves. Honestly, whatever angst-y times I’ve had came after fame, which we both know was after 22. When I was 22, I was having a ball! I would have nothing to say to myself. [Laughs. ] I was living in Laurel Canyon with my best friends, including you, and we were dreaming of creating things like Five.

The beautiful trio did an appearance on Good Morning America and dished about their directorial debut, motherhood, life, and raising Breast Cancer Aweness.


Please support the film by watching Lifetime on Monday October 10, 2011 at 9PM.


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