I’m Not Paying My Kids For Good Grades

Mo: Mom, Johnny told me that he gets $5 for every “A” he makes on his report card.

Me: Good for Johnny.

Mo: How much do I get?

Me: You get a roof over your head and food to eat.

Mo: Oh…

So many times I hear stories how kids get paid to get good grades.


Parents are actually paying their kids to do well in school?! What’s next paying your child to BREATHE?

Cash for grades is ridiculous and setting kids up for failure.

It is depriving them of an innate drive to do well in school; the will to succeed; pride at being intelligent.

I grew up in a house where good grades and intellect weren’t rewarded, it was expected.

This created a competitive edge in me to do well in school. All my friends were straight A students and I could never be outdone.

My parents didn’t have to chew me out if I got bad grade. I was hard enough on myself that when I dropped to any grade below an A, I would beat myself up over it.

Yes, call me a nerd or a geek, but I was an honor roll student most of my life. I graduated college with honors.

I’m not ashamed of this. I am very proud of my academic accomplishments.

No one gave me a crisp Lincoln every time I excelled in school, nor did I expect it.

For this I am grateful. It gave me a great appreciation for education and a deep respect for teachers.

In lieu of money, we would sometimes go out for a celebratory dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. This was great bc it facilitated a family bond and sense of togetherness. It was more about celebrating my achievement and less about bribing me with an incentive to work hard and be smart.

Rewarding kids for good grades is a dangerous precedent to set.

How are you gonna keep upping the stakes every year? By they time they’re in high school, you’re gonna be giving out a Bentley for every A.

Just as kids can learn to take pride in scoring the winning basket, having the prettiest girlfriend, or be excited to show off new shoes, they can learn to take pride in academic success.

This must start early.

Parents need to emphasize the importance of studying, doing your best, and performing well in school. If you tolerate and make excuses for laziness and C’s and D’s then your child is prolly gonna continue to get mediocre grades.

Don’t use a “mean teacher” or “he doesn’t like that subject” as a scapegoat. Use that as an opportunity to instill work ethic and going the extra mile to succeed.

So much emphasis is placed on instant gratification and monetary reward with kids, but then we are the 1st to complain that this generation is spoiled and lazy.

What ever happened to a child appreciating a hug and knowing your parents are proud of you????

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