Stella McCartney Miracle Dress

Halleluyer for modern discoveries.

Many fashion trends have been created to help women disguise shape our bodies.

This is especially helpful after having a baby.

The Miracle Bra helped boost our boobies. Spanx helped to trasform our surplus flubber.

Well now, there is the Bicolour Octavia A.K.A the Miracle Dress created by mommy of 4, Stella McCartney (sons Miller Alasdhair James Willis (born 2005) and Beckett Robert Lee Willis in London (born 2008); and daughters Bailey Linda Olwyn Willis (born 2006) and Reiley Dilys Stella Willis (born 2010).

The fitted garment owes its slimming effect to clever color-blocking – panels of contoured, colored stretch fabric in the front and back, and stretchy black panels at the sides. The black panels are barely visible, which forces the eye to focus only on the contrasting panels – giving the wearer the illusion of having a more slender, yet more curvy figure.

Trickery at it’s best!!!!

Who needs lipo when there is color blocking????

Celebs like Kate Winslett (Hot Mama), Nicole Scherzinger, Liv Tyler (Hot Mama), Gloria Estefan (Hot Mama), and La La Anthony (Hot Mama) have been spotted rocking the colorblock shaping frock.

Stella (daughter of Beatles great, Paul McCartney) really outidid herself.

The Miracle Dress retails for $1,595 and is listed as out of stock on her website.

For you B.O.Bs (Ballers on a Budget) like myself, knockoffs of the dress are already available.

UK-based retailerTopshop, a favorite of Kate Middleton’s, offers a chocolate and cappuccino dress for $84.

Bebe offers its own $69 version, complete with “body-embracing stretch.”

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