Music Influences My Kids

I didn’t realize how much pop culture and music influence a generation until I had kids.

Sure, when I was growing up, I just HAD to have the jelly bracelets and lace gloves that Madonna was sporting.

And yes, oversized hoop earrings with a key in it, all black denim, and ADIDAS were necessities for me in the 80s a la Janet Jackson.

But hey, I just viewed that as “self expression” back then 🙂

Recently I’ve noticed Mo and B have been sporting costume jewelry, sunglasses, temporary tattoos, and backwards ball caps.

I can’t help but to giggle as I witness my sons emulating MTV Videos and pop headlines.

Thank you Justin Beiber and Usher!!!!

It’s all  innocent fun now, but I will definitely draw the line if they request skinny jeans or leopard print!!!!


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