B’s Big Boy Haircut At Floyd’s

When it comes time for the boys to get a haircut I like taking them to “big boy” barbers.

I know there are a ton of kiddie places out there that cut  hair while your child sits in a rocket or race car chair. Some even blast Disney movies on big screens, and offer wii games while the kid gets trimmed and clipped. Oh, and don’t forget the unlimited supply of lollipops and Red Vines to keep the kiddies happy.

But come on…that’s just flat out annoying to me.

What is it, a haircut or a trip to Grandma’s?

There is so much sensory overload in those places, it’s like walking into a Chuck E. Cheese on steroids.

I’ve been to those places enough times to know that they are more concerned with your child not crying than they are the actual haircut.

For baby’s 1st haircut, it’s a great experience and definitely helps to calm the kid. But after a couple trips, it’s time to move on.

As my kids mature, I want them to leave the barbershop with a great looking mane, not a re-enactment of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber.

Lately, I’ve been taking the boys to Floyd’s.

It’s a great local barbershop that caters to the young and older.

I love the cool laid back atmosphere with free internet access, temporary tattoos, and cool music (no Wiggles soundtrack blasting here…they are all about Rock n Roll).

The stylists are fast, friendly enough, and skilled. Oh, and most are tatted up!!!

The lady who cut B’s hair talked to him just enough to make him feel comfortable, but not so much where he felt like he was at preschool. Afterall, I want the stylist focusing on what she’s doing, not about who his fave Sesame Street character is.

I think a more grown up environment helps my boys to rise to the occasion and act more well mannered and grown up.

Oh, and the BEST part…the haircut was $16!!!! Great price for a great experience!

His hair was getting too long and fluffy. Time for a trim.

Relaxing in the chair

Always happy to see the greatest female singer of our time: MARIAH!

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