New Heinz Ketchup Packet

We are a ketchup family.

I don’t keep mustard or mayo in the house, so ketchup and BBQ sauce always get extra attention.

Like most families, we hoard the ketchup packets at restaurants.

When we get fries, Mo and B have fun wrestling with the ketchup packets trying to (unsuccessfully) open them.

Then I give it a go, tussling with the right corner, then the left, going back and forth between using my teeth and fingernails…

*FINALLY* that fateful moment when the clouds open and the ketchup is free from the lil packet…

Well, after 42 years, Heinz has re-designed the Fort Knox ketchup holder.

The orignal packet has been challenging ketchup connoisseurs since 1968.

After 3 years of design modification, it has been unveiled to the public.

This is almost as big as VW revealing the new model Bug.

The re-designed Heinz packet holds 3x more red gold than the original. This is great bc I end up using about 20 packets anyway just for one large fry.

The other big change is that it can be used in “squeeze and pour” or “dipping” mode. KEWL. Kinda reminds me of the chicken nugget dipping sauces.

I see a couple downfalls though:

1. The cost to produce these new “high tech” packets costs restaurants 3x more than what they pay for the original rectangular ones. Since fast food chains give these away FREE, my 8-ball forecasts these prices later being passed on to the consumer.

2. It uses a lot of plastic. Prolly not a good thing with the world becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

I guess only time will tell.

Chick Fil-A and Dairy Queen have started carrying the new crack packets.

Heinz will also be selling the packets in packs of 10 for a suggested retail price is $1.99. You can find them at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Kroger and Safeway stores.

I can’t wait to get my hands on 20 a few.

P.S- Now I’m craving french fries.


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