Magnolia Bakery In LA!

On my 1st trip to New York, I FELL IN LOVE.

No, not with NYC…but with MAGNOLIA BAKERY!

Soooo many of my New Yorker friends kept telling me to try it.

With so many tourist sights to see, I didn’t think I’d have time. It’s just another bakery, right?

Wrong! My sweet tooth got the best of me, and it was an instant love connection.

I was super excited to learn that my love affair could continue when I returned to LA.

The LA Magnolia Bakery is in a great location with cute shops and restaurants an easy stroll down the street.

Magnolia Bakery has my 4 requirements for a great food place:

1. The food is GOOOOD. They use top notch ingredients and make everything fresh from scratch in small batches throughout the day.

2. The price is GOOOOD. Cupcakes $3-$3.50, Cookies $1, Brownies/bars $2.50, Pie/Cake slices $4-$6

3. The customer service is AMAZING! I can’t tell you how many past eating experiences have been ruined by an obnoxious or rude employee. All the staff I have met at both Magnolia Bakery locations are super nice and helpful. Seriously, how could u work at a bakery surrounded by sugar and NOT be happy???

4.Great ambiance. When you walk into Magnolia Bakery, it gives you the feel of a vintage chic bakery/kitchen. The Carrara marble countertops are beautiful and stylish. The warm seafoam color palette gives it such a cozy feel. There’s even an open area where you can watch cake and cupcakes being iced. Thank goodness for the small velvet rope to keep sugar fiends like myself from dipping my face finger in the icing.

To keep things exciting, Magnolia Bakery features a new flavor each month. When I went in August it was peach month. September is peanut butter month. I was eager to try all the peanut butter goodness.

PB&J Sandwich: Layers of peanut butter buttercream and grape jelly sandwiched between two slices of rich peanut butter loaf cake ($3.50 each).

PB&J Cupcake: Rich peanut butter cupcake topped with peanut butter buttercream and filled with a smidgen of grape jelly ($3.50 each).

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie: Filled with chocolate chunks and topped with a layer of melt-in-your-mouth semi-sweet chocolate ($2.50 each).

As if the peanut butter extravaganza wasn’t enough, I just HAD to try the strawberry icebox cake- Fresh strawberry puree whipped into fresh sweet cream layered between chocolate wafers. $4.50

Everything was DEE-LISH-US!!! If you don’t believe me, ask Bronson.

…and if all that isn’t enough to make you wanna check them out, Magnolia Bakery has been featured on Sex In The City, The Devil Wears Prada, Spin City, and Veronica Mars.

The currently have locations in NYC, LA, Chicago, and Dubai.

You can visit the LA Magnolia Bakery

8389 West 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90048-4312

(323) 951-0636

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