Carry Your Own Bags

Since the new school year is around the corner, I took Mo school shopping.

Oh, how he dreaded being torn apart from his Wii, Beyblades, and soccer ball.

He protested and said all his clothes from last year were just fine and didn’t want new ones.

Geez…couldn’t believe how much my kid didn’t wanna go to the mall and spend time with his super uncool mom.

In true Mr. Simplicity fashion, he picked out the first things he saw at the 1st store we walked past.

I bribed took him go to one more just for variety.

So as we’re walking to get our celebratory Wetzel Pretzels, we have this convo:

MO: Why am I da only kid in da whole mall carrying my own bags?!

ME: Bc yur mom is from the South.

MO: *rolls eyes*

ME: *Smacks his big head*

Then it dawned on me… my kids need more responsiblity.

I live in a world where kids have nannies and hired help from an early age. So many children around me are catered to by adults and given their way with just one tiny wimper.

I grew up in a traditional middle class home. I had a job since I was 15 years old til I was 30 and had my 1st son.

I had chores, a curfew, and good manners.

Good behavior wasn’t rewarded, it was expected.

So, why is it that my 7 year old is questioning the fact that he has to carry his own bags (filled with new clothes so he looks nice for 2nd grade!).

I’m not carrying your bags, YOU ARE!

Umm…just bc I am your mom, it does not make me Hazel, Benson, or Mr. Belvedere.

Mo goes on to tell me how mean I am and how NONE of his friends have to do chores.

As a parent, it’s up to us to keep strong in our values. Hold tight to what you believe and enforce it in your name.

Just because it’s deviant from what is around you, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong!

Trying to consolidate into 1 bag

Fix your face young man

Much better!!

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