What Are You Mixed With?

I grew up in a household where race was never an issue. Although my parents were clearly different colors, no one ever mentioned it.

I’m so appreciative that my parents led by example and treated everyone they encountered the same despite race. If my dad called someone a Jackazz, it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with them just being an idiot.

Because of that, my outlook on race pretty much falls along those lines. I don’t see color first THEN a person. When I make friends, do business, persue education…race is not an issue for me.

So I get REALLY bothered when MY race is such an obsession for other people. Especially strangers.

Growing up in the South everything was very black and white. Because i didn’t fit that mold, it made a lot of people uncomfortable.

I was asked so many times what I was mixed with, I started to think that was a general conversation starter: “what’s your name, how bout those Braves, what are you mixed with?”.

Asking someone you don’t know, what their racial make-up  seems as inappropriate as me walking up to a random guy and asking him his penis size.

Like seriously, how does my race affect you and your life so much? Do you work for the Census Bureau?

There are over 6 million multiracial people in America.

Get over it people!

I am so passionate about my disdain for this question, I’m ready to make it a movement. I’m gonna start a facebook group. Shout it at people who stare. Hey, maybe I’ll write a blog aobut it!

Stop asking people who look different what we are mixed with!!!!!! lol

I know, I know…some of you are gonna say that people are just curious and aren’t asking to be mean or offensive.

I am here to say IT IS ANNOYING. STOP ASKING. (*the only people who get a pass in my book are other multiracial people, parents of multiraical kids :), and of course my friends )

It’s not that I am ashamed of who I am or where I come from.

It’s that I don’t like feeling judged or stereotyped.

Don’t put ME in a category so that you feel more comfortable with YOURself.

Don’t put me in a race box to determine how to treat or respect me.

I’ve had people ask me my race and when I tell them, it’s not the answer they expect to hear. They instantly discount me as a person.

Or I’ve had guys ask me bc they “only date mixed women.”

What tha????

Get to know me. Like me bc I’m funny and smart (and witty, charismatic, reliable, loyal, great taste in college football teams…oh how the list goes on). Or dislike me bc u think I’m just a flat out (trash talking, stubborn, strong willed) BIATCH.

Either way, I’m fine with your decision as long as you give me a fair shot.

Don’t count me out or in based on what ethnic makeup you think I am.

That just lets me knowI should dislike YOU for being a Jackazz.

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