Why Beyonce’s Pregnancy Is Earth Shattering News

There have been big moments at the MTV Video Music Awards; Britney Spears and Madonna kiss, Diana Ross jiggles Lil Kim’s boob onstage; Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech.

The 2011 MTV VMA most memorable moment goes to Beyonce.

During the pre-show, many people were tweeting that Beyonce announced her pregnancy to MTV. It became official after her amazing onstage performance.

When her show stopping onstage number ended, a glowing Bey opens her sequined tuxedo jackect to revel a BABY BUMP!

Her gorgeous smile is bigger than her home state of Texas.

She proceeds to rub her belly as the camera shows her often unemotional husband, Jay-Z, cheering and jumping up and down with teary eyes (see 4:56 on video).

Its’s hard to tell if he’s more proud of his beautiful wife’s performance or the fact that he’s gonna be a papa.

It was great for the world to share such a special moment with the often very private power couple.

The announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy rocked the world internet.

Gossip sites went crazy, news media went into overdrive, Facebook statuses went wild, and BEYONCE IS PREGNANT became a trending topic on twitter.

So….why is this such news?

Bey and Jay followed traditional protocol: they dated, got married, and are now expecting a child.

So why all the hoopla?!

My theory is that many see Beyonce as untouchable.

Most women cannot relate to her or her life.

She’s beautiful beyond belief, one of the most amazing stage performers of our time, her ass voice is hypnotic, and she dances…oh how she dances!

She’s been in an Oscar nominated movie. She has a clothing company. Have I mentioned her endorsements???

In other words, she’s talented, attractive, humble, successful, and married to one of the world’s most powerful rap moguls.

To many women this =HATE.

But NOW, Beyonce is on our level. She’s about to become one of us.


The world of jealous women can embrace Beyonce as a mere mortal.

She is about to experience the world of pregnancy.

It is now highly likely in the next few months, Beyonce will eat like a pig, leave the house hair messy and no makeup, get cankles, sneeze then simultaneously pee on herself, get hemroids, and all the other glorious things that go along with pregnancy.

Women can now relate to the untouchable superstar.


I have always been a huge Beyonce supporter. My kids are huge Beyonce supporters.

Sooo…on behalf of all the smart, stylish, and strong women, I’d like to welcome the newest Hot Mama to the club.


(all approved say “aye”…it’s unanimous!!)

So ladies, it’s time to start hating on some other incredibly talented, beautiful entertainer.

Beyonce is on OUR side.

Halle, J-Lo, Mariah, Jessica Alba, Salma…all one of us.

Go pick on Selena Gomez now.

Beyonce is having a baby!!! Woo hoo!!!

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